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Rep 6

6/10/2021 - 6/16/2021

It goes without saying that this digital season has been something of a miracle for the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Where some other ballet companies floundered during the pandemic lockdown period, PNB put their collective artistic heads together to create art during the most trying of times. And my goodness did they succeed.

Rep 6 is here and it features two world premieres in this last performance for the digital season.

It’s interesting for the novice (which I still very much consider myself to be) viewer/reviewer to have something like in-person and virtual performance to compare. Clearly I would much rather be at McCaw Hall watching the grace, power, and storytelling of the PNB dancers in person. However, the virtual stage presents a different perspective on any given performance as well.

Being a fan of the classical full length ballets, the mixed bills have been at times harder to consume. The more time I invested in the high art that is ballet, the more I slowly started to understand what was going on at any given performance pre-pandemic.

During this digital season I’ve found myself either much more entertained by any given piece or the opposite - my attention span began to wander. Perhaps it’s the ease of hitting the pause button or munching on a loud and messy snack that normally would never happen at McCaw Hall. I’ll never really know until I’m back at an in-person performance so I can compare and contrast again.

It’s so nice (as of today) to be able to say in-person performance. I know I, like many, will not take certain things for granted moving forward. I also know I’ve come to appreciate more things in my life and I’m intentionally ready to improve in other areas of it.

Rep 6 reminded me of the feelings I had at the end of the PNB season in 2019. A bit nostalgic, tremendously grateful for the media opportunities, and hopeful and excited about the upcoming 2019-2020 season. I was finally going to be experiencing my first full PNB season. And we all know what happened to half of that season.

Watching the Tisserands (Jerome and Laura) dance one last time for PNB was truly beautiful and emotional. Seeing other PNB dancers like Leta Biasucci that I’ve come to learn and appreciate was like seeing your favorite extended family member again after a long unplanned break. And the newer PNB talent showed that there is much to look forward to with the return of in-person performances in September 2021.

Similar to the feeling one gets when graduating from high school or college, Rep 6 of the digital season for the Pacific Northwest Ballet has been a joyful yet tearful reminder of just how much the PNB accomplished this season.


Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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