Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crypticon and Other Stories

Crypticon Seattle returns on May 24-26th, 2013!  Once the banner code works properly, I'll post it here.

EA has been granted credentials to cover the madness (just found out) again this year!  I'm looking forward to it!

Adrienne King and Amy Steel (Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part 2) are scheduled to appear as is the one and only Elvira Mistress of The Dark! 


In other EA news - everything is in for the new issue.  Everything.  A few more phone interviews may be transcribed by the time the new issue sees print but we'll see.  I am excited to get going on the details and making sure this next issue CRUSHES the previous issues!

On the horizon?  I don't want to jinx one opportunity so let me just say that it's been a long time coming...

I've been spending a lot of my energy lately getting every detail of the new issue ready.  It's an exciting time for sure.  The lapse between issues has been WAY too long.


Do you enjoy the work of Seattle Next Door?  He will be doing a showing of his photography locally here in Seattle in May!  More details to follow.


If you're still hanging in there with EA, let me thank you.  The last year or so has been full of ups and downs.  When I had the time for the magazine, I had other obligations to tend to.  When I didn't have time for the magazine, well, I didn't have time.  Now I have the time again but there are other priorities but damn it - I'm making EA a priority again!

I've felt disconnected from the music scene a bit (even though I've been playing in it locally which is weird) but it's time to make things happen again.

Will it be worth the wait?  I think so.  But only you, the readers, can truly be the judges of that.