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HEADSPACE Sydney Sherwood Music Review March 4, 2021 Eclectic Arts

Sydney Sherwood

Reviewed: 3/4/2021
Rating: 5 / 5

It isn’t very often that a new release comes across my (virtual) desk that I take an immediate liking to. Normally my curiosity may be piqued or it may be an artist I’m already familiar with. However for an artist completely foreign to me to grab my attention; that’s really saying something.

Enter Sydney Sherwood.

Her second EP was just released on February 27th entitled, “Headspace”. Upon listening to the six tracks, the title is apt to say the least.

Based out of New Jersey, Sydney Sherwood betrays her youth with maturity. The opening track, “Wolves” transports the listener to Sydney’s world of transparency and mental health awareness. The song talks about keeping one's wolves figuratively at bay, whatever those wolves may be.

The uptempo “Let Me Down” finds Sydney mixing alternative rock with a sprinkling of country influence. Written about a person who eventually reminded the songwriter that she deserved better, the song is a radio ready anthem.

As a proponent for mental health awareness, the next song, “Creep” will resonate with anyone that has battled with anxiety or depression. The lyrics are haunting, reflective, and dead on accurate. This is perhaps the strongest track on the release.

“Born To Roll” comes up next with its swagger and attitude. The song reflects an attitude of never giving up, no matter how many times one is knocked down. Eventually, you fight on, and in the process, you live on as well.

The touching, “Horizons Edge” brings the listener on a sentimental journey about memories of a lost family member. The fond memories of a family pillar and the heartache as the end becomes reality.

The EP ends with, “All The Aces”. A song written about those insecure people in the world that look down upon others, only to change their tune when those same people start to become successful. It is quite clear that Sydney has a long memory. Naysayers you have been warned.

Sydney’s subject matter is personal and from the heart. When you add her resonant voice and songwriting abilities, there is much to rave about here.

Rarely is there a release without at least one so-so song on it. “Headspace” defies the odds and is strong from beginning to end. The EP serves as the perfect foundation for a future career that looks brighter than the stars on a warm summer's night.


Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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