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DAY 13 Film Review August 3, 2020

Day 13

Breaking Glass Pictures
Reviewed: 7/22/2020
US Release: 8/4/2020

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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Horror, occult, thriller - these are all words that will grab my attention when I see a press release. “Day 13” is a modern day thriller/horror film that is reminiscent of a few films from the past.

Colton (played by Alex MacNicoll) is a high school student who is home babysitting his younger sister Rachel (played by Meyrick Murphy). A once abandoned old house across the street now has new neighbors. Colton meets the daughter Heather (played by G. Hannelius) as he is snooping around the property.

Heather’s father is very mysterious and Colton starts to spy on them to see what’s going on. This is the basic premise of the film without spoilers.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of 1985’s, “Fright Night” - one of my favorite genre films. Young Colton looking across the street just like Charlie did in the 80’s film, the nostalgia factor was actually a plus to “Day 13”

The film at times also reminded me of a more adult version of a young teen horror series of books. Again, this was not a bad thing at all.

The story flowed well and the actors kept things interesting. I would have liked more exploration of the Colton and Heather relationship but no spoilers here. G. Hannelius stood out in her role as Heather. She needs her own film spin-off. Alex MacNicoll did a solid job as the lead Colton as well. 


I for once had predicted the ending correctly of a horror movie. I really wish they had opted for practical effects instead of CGI as this was the only let down of the climax of the story. Having Martin Kove as Heather’s father was a nice casting decision - and no - he did not say sweep the leg at any time.

Overall, “Day 13” was a good popcorn thriller/horror film.

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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