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DATING IN PLACE TV Series (short form) REVIEW November 10, 2020

Dating In Place

Reviewed: 11/10/2020
Rating: 5 / 5 

("Dating In Place" on OML on Revry - 2020)

The first three episodes of the comedy, “Dating In Place” were provided to the media to catch a glimpse of the new series on the OML channel on Revry. The short form comedy series tells the story of two characters falling in love during the 2020 pandemic.

The show is quirky and relatable considering all of us are going through the COVID-19 situation right now. Virtual communication has become the main source of connecting with friends and family, as well as for those that work from home during these times.

The dating aspect during the pandemic is something I honestly haven’t thought about much of during this time. However, I just saw today that an acquaintance did a Zoom speed dating session and is now scheduled to go on his first Zoom date. That sounds like it's its own show to be honest.

The characters Debika (played by Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera) and Jo (played by Emily Goss) are long distance dating (living in different countries). The show goes through many of their conversations and the desire to go on a date in person. This almost comes true until you know what happens in the world.

("Dating In Place" on OML on Revry - 2020)

The episodes are short form (less than 10 minutes each) so by the time I was done with the first three screeners, it felt like I had just watched one episode. This is a good thing.

I found the characters interesting and the dating premise even moreso. If you’ve ever done the long distance dating thing, you’ll relate to what they’re going through. Shantell and Emily have a chemistry in the show which really makes it work. With the bulk of the dialogue occurring between both of their characters, the relationship development had to work for the audience, for us to want to see them meet up for the first time in real life in Hawaii. It works perfectly.

I would love to see how this show plays out in the end. “Dating In Place” captured my attention and now my curiosity has taken over. Recommended.

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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