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JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE Film Review 7/1/2020 Magnolia Pictures

Magnolia Pictures
Reviewed:  July 1, 2020
Rating: 5 out of 5

Available in Theaters and VOD: July 3, 2020

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There could not be a more appropriate film than, “John Lewis: Good Trouble” during these important times in our history. The message in this film is a constant reminder not to be complacent, not to “stand by”, but when you see something wrong, do something about it. “Get in trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble”, as he states in the film.

Civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis is walking history. He is not someone that speaks about something he was not a part of. No, he was there. He was marching in Selma. He was violently attacked by Alabama officers. He was pushed and physically coerced from those restaurant counters in the segregated south. He walked next to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. time and time again in those historical marches for civil rights.

As the film depicts, he has always looked for an audience to preach to - from chickens and his siblings during his formative years - to writing a letter to Dr. King when he was just seventeen years old. He has lived his life as an example of never giving up, of never backing down, and always searching for truth in a righteous way.

It is a sad state of affairs when we are talking about the same issues that Mr. Lewis fought for over thirty-five years ago. The issues of voter suppression that are in the news this very day in 2020. The protests of the 1960’s are now the protests of the 2020’s. When is enough enough?

Watch this film - it is a required viewing for all. Those people that are no longer with us that fought for the civil rights many of us enjoy today deserve that respect. And when you see something wrong, get in trouble, good trouble - necessary trouble.

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Eclectic Arts
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