THE BODY FIGHTS BACK Film Review July 10, 2021 Eclectic Arts

The Body Fights Back

Gravitas Ventures
Reviewed: 7/10/2021
Rating: 4 / 5


The diet culture around the world is the centerpiece of the new documentary, “The Body Fights Back”. The film does a deep dive into the multi billion dollar diet industry and the toll it has been taking on all body types.

The narrative is similar to one of bullying. If you haven’t been bullied, you can’t really say what it’s like to be the center of that particular attack. If you’re considered out of the norm for your weight, your look, etc., it’s much too easy to just criticize (directly or indirectly) without knowing the other view point.

While I will be hard pressed to believe extra weight doesn’t affect the body (such as the joints - I know from personal experience), there are many factors explored in the film that make the viewer really do some thinking about what we think is “right” and what society and the diet industry has told us is right.

The film also explores the celebration of people of all kinds - not just through weight and size. People with disabilities for example are also embraced.

“The Body Fights Back” is a worthwhile viewing.

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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