Thursday, July 29, 2021

FRACTAL UNIVERSE - "The Impassable Horizon - Alive" Live-stream Review July 29, 2021 Eclectic Arts

Fractal Universe
The Impassable Horizon - Alive - Livestream

Metal Blade Records
Reviewed: 7/29/2021

Rating: 4 / 5


The progressive technical metal band from France - Fractal Universe - performed their latest release in its entirety for a new livestream event. Debuting on Sunday July 25th (the concert is available to purchase tickets through August 8th so you didn’t miss out), the band rented out a venue and utilized multi-cameras to capture the band at their ferocious best.

For those like myself new to the band's music, their latest album “The Impassable Horizon” is a wide mix of styles rooted in progressive metal. The members are equally skilled on their instruments so all the music nerds will most definitely find something of interest here.

When vocalist/guitarist Vince pulled out the saxophone the first time, I was thinking to myself “wait - what”? Just that act alone gives you an idea of what you’re in for with this band.

They are heavy when they want to be, technical basically at all times, with great mood and structure throughout their songs.

They added a few additional favorites from their catalog to round out the show. The overall presentation of the concert was well done. I still prefer to not see the camera crew in shots on stage but I know it can’t be helped most of the time as they’re trying to get all the angles that they can during the performance.

Hopefully things get to the point in the world where Fractal Universe can hit the road and perform some of these new songs to their fans around the world.

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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