YAMATO - THE DRUMMERS OF JAPAN Event Review Moore Theatre Seattle, WA February 16, 2023 Eclectic Arts Media

February 16, 2023
Seattle, WA
The Moore Theatre


(Photo:  Yamato - The Drummers Of Japan)

A packed house on Thursday evening enjoyed one of the most incredible performances by Yamato - The Drummers Of Japan. A dedicated group of artists from Japan that not only played different traditional Japanese drums but also other Japanese instruments.

The combination of the music, choreography, and lighting design really lent itself to a spectacular auditory and visual feast for the senses.

Divided into two acts, the first act spotlighted the musicians and the level of mastery they all have attained. Living together as a group as they practice and practice, one couldn’t help but notice just how much work went into their craft and how in sync they were with one another. The music ranged from ceremonial and intricate to bombastic and celebratory.

The second act incorporated more humor (yes, humor) into the proceedings. Much like Stomp or Blue Man Group, the humorous segments were a great way to get the audience involved and to present more than a music performance.

Of course the audience call and response segments just put everything over the top. I think in the future they could even incorporate one audience member (or maybe two) coming up to the stage and doing a little drum work (ala Blue Man Group). For example have the audience member(s) have to copy what the actual drummer plays on any given drum. Start simple and then get super complex. The humor would be built right into the skit.

Yamato - The Drummers Of Japan were highly entertaining. They are on tour in the U.S. and Canada right now. This is one show you do not want to miss!


Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts Media

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