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Singularly Cerrudo

10/7/2021 - 10/11/2021 (Digital)

The Pacific Northwest Ballet took the stage for in-person performances once again in late September 2021. After mounting a successful digital season during the earlier parts of the pandemic in 2020/2021, the PNB kicked off their season with “Singularly Cerrudo” - three pieces by PNB’s resident choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo.

While I would have loved to have been there in person on opening night, my schedule just couldn’t accommodate another event. I’ll be back at McCaw Hall soon enough to take in the splendor of the PNB live and in person. The next best thing was to view the digital program.

Featuring Silent Ghost, an excerpt from One Thousand Pieces, and finishing with Little mortal jump, the program was a bit of the familiar and the new.

Silent Ghost was a moody, mesmerizing way to start the program. The visuals, coupled with the ever flowing choreography, provided a strong statement that the PNB was indeed back.

The excerpt from One Thousand Pieces brought me back to the dress rehearsal that PNB offered right at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. How strange it was to watch something that I had already seen before (different performance and cast) but granted in a very different state of mind of course. The excerpt from One Thousand Pieces is still a daring and beautiful piece that reminded me of the beauty and high art that is ballet.

Little moral jump was a contrasting piece that was whimsical at times and had a completely different flavor which allowed the viewer (and audience) to finish the program on a positive, upbeat note. Cerrudo’s choreography is very daring and the PNB cast pulled it off with stunning results. I had forgotten just how immersive the world of ballet can be when all of the pieces work together.

Just like everyone else, my world has changed in the last year and a half and some change. It’s honestly going to take me a while to meld the worlds that I was a part of pre-pandemic and the worlds I developed during the pandemic. But, rest assured, both worlds compliment each other and I’m looking forward to the day when I can set foot back in McCaw Hall to witness the beauty and power of the Pacific Northwest Ballet in person.

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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