Thursday, October 7, 2021

COSMIC BURIAL Interview October 7, 2021 Eclectic Arts

(Email Interview with Cosmic Burial - October 2021.)

Eclectic Arts:  When I first heard Cosmic Burial, your music brought me back to some of the older black metal/underground bands from the 90's. Where do you draw your inspiration from - both musically and lyrically?

Cosmic Burial:  Cosmic Burial has no lyrics, so I don't have any inspiration for it. I find the inspiration for the music in the daily view to the stars (if the Heavens allow it).

EA:  You have a new album set for release very soon. When was it recorded? How does it differ from your past releases?

CB:  I recorded it at the time of the first lockdown here in Germany. One difference is, for example, that the songs are not that long and that the songs are generally more mature than in "Impakt".

EA:  Have you always had an interest in the cosmos and the universe? How have these influenced your Arts as Cosmic Burial?

CB:  Yes, I've been very interested in everything that happens in the universe since I was a child. Before Covid I visited the observatory here in my home very often and was present in many lectures by professors. I think the whole project was influenced by my interest in it. I want to show my listeners with the music what I feel when I look up to the sky.

EA:  What is your songwriting process like when writing material for Cosmic Burial? Do you start with riffs? Lyrics? A dark melody?

CB:  As I said, there are no texts for CB. But I start with the guitars first and the rest of it all comes naturally, mostly with the emotional feeling at this time.

EA:  Every artist has influences. What are some of your influences from any musical genre?

CB: There are a few, of course mainly Atmospheric Black Metal, Ambient or Post Rock. Bands like Violet Cold, Lustre, Mesarthim, Alcest, God Is An Astronaut. But also oldies like Pink Floyd.

EA:  What is the metal underground scene like nowadays in Germany?

CB:  I think it's getting worse all the time. just some people who want attention and want to show how bad / good they are. At concerts, I have more to do with being ashamed than enjoying a concert. One of the reasons why I am rarely go out at this time. I hope that will get better someday.

EA:  Beyond the release of the new album, what else is coming up from Cosmic Burial?

CB:  Nothing. The first demos "Galaxy" and "Stella Nova" have now been released on CD and they are available in Bandcamp and Purity Through Fire. I'm not working on new songs at the moment, that will happen in winter when the nights are longer, that's when I get the most inspirations for new material.

EA:  Thank you for taking the time - hails!

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