INTERSECTION Film Review December 1, 2020


Reviewed: 12/1/2020
Breaking Glass Pictures
Rating: 4 / 5 

(Breaking Glass Pictures)

When a thriller uses the overly familiar cat and mouse theme, it can become redundant quickly. The usual threats, pushing someone to their breaking point, kidnapping, blackmail photos, etc. If the payoff is worthy, then the overall effect can absolutely work. If the payoff is nowhere to be found, then it can feel like wasted time. “Intersection” gives you a payoff that not only works but is pleasantly surprising.

Jake Galloway (played by Matt Doran) is a white collar extortionist. He is oblivious to the needs of both his teenage son and his wife. Jake is all about the money and whatever it takes to get it.

(Matt Doran in "Intersection" from Breaking Glass Pictures.)

One evening he is contacted by a mysterious antagonist who has kidnapped Jake’s son. Thus the plot begins as the unknown kidnapper sends Jake on a series of missions in an attempt to break him.

I will stop there as the film really needs to be seen to be appreciated. There is a twist at the end that brings things together nicely. I didn’t see it coming which was a welcome surprise.

The use of the electronic voice masking for the kidnapper got a little grating further into the film. I understand why it was used but it started to remind me of a thriller version of “Saw” or something. I could have done without it.

(Matt Doran in "Intersection" from Breaking Glass Pictures.)

Outside of that, “Intersection” is a compelling thriller that, again, delivers with an ending that makes the whole experience feel quite worthwhile.


Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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