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PHARMACOSE "Prescription Fiction, Part 1" Music Review 6/4/2020

Prescription Fiction, Part 1
Review: 6/4/2020

A six song EP from Pharmacose entitled, “Prescription Fiction, Vol 1”, has a very melodic modern sound to the recording. Starting off with the song, “Alternate Reality”, the band walks the alternative line of past and present instrumentation and vocals.

“Checked Out” - slows the time down a bit but continues the strong, catchy, choruses from the first tune.

“The Clearing” starts things off with a few bars of electronica before the guitars come in and drive the song into overdrive. Nice use of melody on this tune as well. The band has a knack for keeping the melody within each song structure.

Next up is, “Victory At Wit’s End” - more mainstream overall and has the ingredients to be a strong single and/or music video.

“I Keep Dreaming Of The Sun” has a hypnotic introduction and more atmosphere than some of the other tracks.

The EP ends with, “Perfect Pharmaceutical”. A mix of styles just like the other songs on this release, it is a perfect cap to a strong release.

This release was a pleasant surprise. The more modern sounding alternative rock bands rarely do anything for me but Pharmacose was the exception. I’m not totally sold on the vocal approach but I do know this style of vocals is popular with many fans out there. The musicianship and the recording quality are all top notch. This is a release worth checking out!

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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"Checked Out" M/V

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