Monday, June 3, 2019

CIRQUE GOES BROADWAY Seattle Symphony Benaroya Hall Seattle, WA 6/1/19


Seattle Symphony

Benaroya Hall

Seattle, WA


The Seattle Symphony teamed up with Troupe Vertigo to perform a broadway “pops” concert that was highly unique.

Led by conductor Jack Everly (who was outstanding btw), the concert consisted of classic Broadway songs performed by the Seattle Symphony. Many songs featured one of the three vocalists - Christine DiCicco, Ben Crawford, and Ron Remke - all of whom have stellar Broadway backgrounds.

What made this concert unique was Troupe Vertigo. Performing circus acts from juggling to hula hoops to aerial feats that had to be seen to be believed, Troupe Vertigo became the focal point any time they were on the stage.

The Seattle Symphony sounded as wonderful as ever. And, conductor Jack Everly showed that he’s conducted a time or three over the decades. His conducting was spot on all evening.

The beautiful voices from Christine, Ben, and Ron were worthy of their own show at Benaroya.

My only suggestion in the future is to separate the vocal numbers from the Troupe Vertigo numbers (which they did most of the time - but not all). When both singer and circus performer were on stage, the singers got overshadowed easily which I found off putting. You couldn’t help but look at the circus performers. A minor tweak to separate out the two talent pools and this already amazing show would be perfect.

Cirque Goes Broadway was a great event for newcomers and seasoned symphony veterans!

Until next time,
Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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