Monday, September 30, 2019

THE PHOENIX THEATRE Season Opening Event Review! Edmonds, WA 9/28/19


The Phoenix Theatre

Edmonds, WA

“The Ladies Man” stages Sept. 27 through Oct. 20 at Phoenix Theatre in Edmonds. From left to right: Annie St. John, Tod Harrick and Renee Gilbert. (Eric Lewis)


The season opening show at The Phoenix Theatre was this past weekend. “Ladies Man” by Charles Morey, as directed by Eric Lewis, was an over the top farce that was an adrenaline rush of pure fun for the whole audience.

Set in the yesteryear of Paris, France, the show revolves around the main character Dr. Hercule Molineaux and a series of lies and mishaps that just spin out of control. The level of zaniness in this show was just incredible. 

Tod Harrick as Dr. Molineaux was on pointe the entire show. Comedic timing, physical comedy, stage presence, everything worked. And when you have a lead as strong as Mr. Harrick, the other actors had plenty to work with. 

Bassinet, with his lisp, as played by Asa Sholdez, had some of the best moments in the show. 

The build up to the entrance of Madame Aigreville, as played by Melanie Calderwood, was absolutely priceless.

The entire cast had their shining moments throughout the production. At the height of the farce, there was so much in and out through the stage doors that it almost felt like the show was going off the rails - in the best possible way.

“Ladies Man” is the best show I’ve seen at The Phoenix Theatre thus far. The bar has been set high for this season. I’m looking forward to watching them top it throughout the upcoming season!

See you at the theatre,
Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

Special Thanks: Amy for the credentials and Tracy for saying hi the night of the show!

“Ladies Man” runs through October 20th. You can buy tickets here:  TICKETS!

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  1. The director appreciates your kind and gracious words.