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Seattle Was There - LIGHTS Gig Review! 2/2/18!


Chase Atlantic


Showbox at The Market
Seattle, WA


Eclectic Arts started off the year in fine fashion with three very different concerts to review and shoot. Keeping in that eclectic tradition, February arrived with the one two punch of shows - the first being Lights!

Seattle was the third show on the, "We Were Here Tour 2018". The sold-out crowd at the Showbox at The Market was eagerly anticipating the Canadian's headlining set.

Starting the night off was DCF. A DJ/singer (who also played guitar on his closing cover tune), the crowd was appreciative of his short but to the point 20-minute set.

After a very brief changeover, Australia's Chase Atlantic took to the stage to a noticeable mix of screams and cheers. The five piece played a strong set of pop with R&B influenced tunes. High energy throughout their 30-minute set, the crowd was very responsive to them. They did a fantastic job of warming up the crowd for the headliner.

"Skin and Earth" is the latest creation from the artist known as Lights. An ambitious project as the album also directly ties into a series of comic books, written and drawn by Lights. The music videos from the album have also tied into the post apocalyptic world that Lights created for the project.

The stage was black until the first notes of the song, "New Fears" hit the air. A video screen on stage showcased the silhouette of Lights and the place went nuts! Backed by a three piece of musicians, Lights sang and slowly danced as she worked her way through the opening verse of the song. She then made her way toward the front of the stage as the crowd noise grew to a feverish pitch.

The power of the lighting design coupled with the music and Lights undeniable presence really made for a jaw dropping start to the show. Playing several songs from the new album along with old favorites, including a mid section of the show acoustic break (three songs), Lights showed that all the work she has been doing for the last ten odd years is really paying off.

She is a skilled songwriter, artist, musician, and performer. The casual listener may dismiss her based on the style of electro pop indie music but that would be a major mistake. There is a substance and purity to her art that is infectious. Any artistic minded person would agree.

Her fan base is dedicated. The rawness of the lyrics Lights has presented to the public has resonated with many people, young and old. She has been very open about her own issues she worked to overcome throughout her life. Through that process, it is very clear that her fans have been helped, and maybe even saved, through their own issues. This is the power and beauty of art. The connection her fans feel to Lights is remarkable - you could see it in their eyes and hear it after the show.

No one left the Showbox disappointed Friday night. Lights put on a performance for the ages. Her tour continues throughout the US and Canada until early April. If you're lucky enough to have her come to your town, don't pass up the opportunity to see one of the best shows going in 2018!



Mark Sugiyama

Eclectic Arts

Special Thanks: Ash for the credentials - I really appreciate it!

Miscellaneous notes: I appreciated the lighting director telling the photographers what to expect before the set. It really helped make mental preparations to get the shots during the first three songs of the set as the lighting was challenging at times. Thank you!

I'd love to see more of the transmedia concept with other artists. September Mourning have been doing this for years. Lights has a great project in Skin and Earth that works really well across all mediums. I hope other artists will take note and see what they can bring to the table in this way. Cheers!



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