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BABETTE'S FEAST Show Review November 20, 2021 Eclectic Arts


Taproot Theatre
Seattle, WA

Review: 11/20/21 Performance

Performances run through December 30th, 2021

(Matthew Posner, Nolan Palmer, Jenny Vaughn Hall, Pam Nolte, and April Poland in Babette's Feast at Taproot Theatre.  Photo by Eric Stuhaug.)

Taproot Theatre has been putting on consistently high quality productions ever since I first started reviewing their shows back in 2018. Just like everyone else involved in the arts community, 2020 and part of 2021 has been one of the most difficult times in recent memory. The absence of live events has really exposed the old adage of “you don’t know what you miss until it’s gone” to a proverbial T. Thankfully, the show must go on and Taproot Theatre is back in action with their play, “Babette’s Feast”.

The Covid-19 protocols were being followed at the east door, with concessions in the Isaac Studio. The performance I attended was nearly full save a few seats here and there (some of which may have been to protect patrons and the actors due to proximity).

How wonderful it was to be back at the Taproot Theatre on Saturday evening!

The play was approximately 90 minutes long with no intermission. Again, this may have been a deliberate decision due to Covid-19 to get patrons in and out of the theatre.

The trademarks that I’ve come to know and love about any Taproot Theatre production were clearly evident in, “Babette’s Feast”. Top-notch casting, professional performances, and solid storytelling were all on display during the play.

The narrative was a little all over the place during the first ten minutes or so of the first act. But, eventually the characterizations became more clear and the show went to another level.

As much as I enjoyed the performances and the execution of the show, I just didn’t find it resonating with me. This will happen from time to time with live theatre. Again, it had really nothing to do with the show as it was an extremely solid production.

I’m ecstatic that live theatre is back on stage at the Taproot Theatre and I’m looking forward to their upcoming new season.

“Babette’s Feast” runs through December 30th. Tickets are available here:  TICKETS!

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