Friday, February 7, 2020

SINEAD O'CONNOR Event Review! Seattle, WA 2/4/2020

Sinead O'Connor

Neptune Theatre
Seattle, WA

(All Photos:  Mark Sugiyama for Eclectic Arts (c) 2020)


Shuhada Davitt, professionally known as Sinead O'Connor, returned to the stage after a four-year absence. Battling with issues (some of which became public via social media and television) while also pursuing personal inner peace, Sinead O'Connor was welcomed back to the Seattle stage on Tuesday evening.

The capacity crowd rose to their feet as Sinead walked out on stage in front of her backing five-piece band. Opening with her cover of John Grant's, "Queen of Denmark", the artist showed that she has been sorely missed from the musical stage.

Her voice has aged but it certainly still carries the emotional weight that has been a staple all throughout her career. Staying close to the microphone, with head turns to her left as she accented certain notes, Sinead filled the Neptune Theatre with her presence and ability.

The set list ranged from the drug torn user in "4th and Vine" to classic material such as, "The Emperor's New Clothes" - still as relevant today as it was back when it was released some decades ago.

The energy in the room was one of acceptance, of civil intolerance, and complete and total artistry. Sinead O'Connor has never been one to shy away from telling the world what she thinks. Her conversion to Islam in 2018 is yet another chapter in her ever changing story. There was more than once in the set where Sinead sang solo, the stage barren of her backing band (other than the keyboardist). It was in these moments that you really could hear a pin drop. The audience was mesmerized by the aura that was emanating from the stage. It was truly an experience to behold.

"Milestones" started the two-song encore. Sinead introduced it vaguely as a place she never wants to visit again. She also coyly mentioned if you listened to the lyrics you might know which place she was singing about. Of course a state here in the U.S. came up within the first verse and people knowingly laughed.

The show was very much to the point. It wasn't rushed and it wasn't spread out just for the sake of cramming more songs into the show. There was no opening act nor were there any fancy visuals on the stage. The point was made and then the show was over.

Sinead O'Connor showed that, even all these years later after everything she's been through, the stage is one place she excels as a unique and profoundly talented artist. With any luck, she'll grace a stage in Seattle once again in the near future.

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts
Eclecticartszine AT gmail DOT com

Special Thanks: Kenny and Carl - thank you very much for opportunity!

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  1. You're right I watched her from the front row, mesmerised like an awesome dream.