Monday, April 25, 2016

SEPTEMBER MOURNING Seals Seattle's Fate - Gig Review 4/15/16

Seattle, WA
April 15, 2016

I was really looking forward to seeing September Mourning as it was their first visit to Seattle.  Having been a fan of the band for a long time, the anticipation of the gig at Studio Seven was running high for me!

As the first trans-media project between band, music, and comic books, the band has all the ingredients to become a huge success.  Visually stunning on stage, the involvement of Marc Silvestri's Top Cow Productions on the comic book side, and most importantly, the music to back it all up, September Mourning took the stage on Friday night full of atmosphere and wonderment.

The audience was definitely filled with September Mourning "Children Of Fate" as their fans are referred to.  As the band took the stage, even if you were unfamiliar with the band, you couldn't help but take notice of such a unique presence on the stage.

Fronted by September, half reaper/half human, and backed by the four Reapers (Riven, Wraith, Shadou, and Stitch), September Mourning took the audience on a journey into their dark world of Fate.

Their set was tight, ending with current single, "Eye Of The Storm", but all too short.  At one point, September walked off the stage and down into the photo pit to sing and talk to the audience.  The audience at Studio Seven was clearly into the band's performance.  Those unfamiliar with September Mourning before the show were now converted Children Of Fate.

This is a band that, again, has all the ingredients to take it to the top.  Catch them on tour when they play your town!  They are touring throughout May and beyond.  Check out their website to learn more about their history and the story thus far with many more chapters to be written! 

My Video Interview with September (my apologies for the sound quality - this was done backstage while a band was playing):


  1. They put on a great show. A band that needs to be seen live! Cool review.

  2. Thank you for the comment! Indeed - imagine what they could do with a proper touring budget! 😊