Monday, January 8, 2018

Getting to know ALEX HARPER! 1/3/18


I am pleased to introduce Ms. Alex Harper to the readers of Eclectic Arts.  This interview was conducted in late 2017.  I hope you enjoy it!


All photos courtesy of Alex Harper.
Photographer Credits:  Jay Allen and Keith Foster.

Eclectic Arts:. Hi Alex! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. How are you?
Alex Harper: I’m doing well, just got over a pretty big cold and now doing much better.

EA: It is that time of year for colds and such.  I'm glad you're feeling better.  Let's start at the beginning. How old are you? Did you grow up in one place or several?
AH: I just turned 24 last month. I grew up all over the Midwest.

EA: How did you get involved with modeling? How many shoots have you done?
AH: I first started modeling when I was 18 and have been doing so ever since. It’d be impossible to count the number of shoot’s I’ve done. (laughs)

EA: Everyone has their own story. How did you start in the adult industry?
AH: I was introduced to the adult industry from the modeling industry. I started modeling more nude, erotic, and fetish work then started branching out.

EA:. How many scenes have you shot?
AH: I also wouldn’t be able to count this. (laughs) Significantly less than my still work modeling, but still about 2 years worth of scenes.

EA: Overall how has your experience been in the industry?
AH: I’ve been blessed to have the opportunities I’ve had. Most of my experiences have been great and I’ve met a lot of really sweet and considerate people.

EA: Do you have plans for your own site?
AH: Someday hopefully this next year. I already bought the domain name ;)

EA: What is one of the biggest misconceptions of the industry?
AH: The biggest is that models are forced into this lifestyle and only choose it as a last resort. A lot of talent I know do adult work because they adore it and genuinely love what they do.

EA: What are your short term goals in the industry?
AH: I just achieved one of my biggest goals which was becoming a Spiegler Girl. Being with the best adult agency is like a dream and I’m very happy. I’m currently working on another goal which is The Spiegler Girls Car Calendar for Charity (The Animal Rescue Alliance). I’ve got too many goals to list (laughs)

EA: What are your goal(s) outside of the industry?
AH: Also too many to list. My main goal is to pursue my artistic goals such as painting, makeup, photography, and wardrobe design.

EA: If someone were looking to get involved with the adult industry what advice would you give them?
AH: Research every little detail about the adult industry. Ask talent about their experiences and make sure you choose the right agency for you. Be confident and make sure every decision you make is carefully planned and stay true to your beliefs.

EA: Thank you Alex for taking the time today!
AH: Thank you for the opportunity Mark!