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Worth The Wait - LETTERS FROM THE FIRE Gig Review! Seattle, WA 3/10/17

Letters From The Fire

March 10, 2017
@ El Corazon
Seattle, WA


Last year, in September, I became a Letters From The Fire fan.  I was only familiar with two songs back then - "Give In To Me" and "At War".  They were the band that resonated the most with me from that bill.  I left that show with a t-shirt and CD.

Fast forward to last Friday at El Corazon and I was ready for the show having listened to the CD numerous times since that gig in September.  On the road with Adelita's Way, Letters From The Fire have been touring consistently in support of their album, "Worth The Pain".  

A good turnout at the club helped set the tone for the evening.  There were definitely fans of the band in attendance.  There were also plenty of people there to convert to the bands' ways.

Hitting the stage with the album opener, "Perfect Life", the band was off and running.  Alexa, Mike, Cameron, Clay, and Brian definitely showed that their time on the road is making them an even better live band (they were already good to begin with).

What came to mind seeing them this second time was that there are no weak links in the band.  Musically all five of them are strong musicians.  Headbanging like maniacs at times (especially Clay), the band comes across much heavier live than on record.  They are a very melodic band that rests on a bed of heaviness.  Much like the old adage that five fingers makes a fist, Letters From The Fire are a fist to the face of rock n roll.

I was glad to hear, "At War" again to showcase Alexa's vocal prowess in their 30 minute set.  "Last December", "Worth The Pain", and "Give In To Me" were also aired to much success.  

I got the feeling that after their set, a lot of people were now fans of the band.  Those that were already waving the Letters From The Fire flag (like me) were even more hooked on the band after this second visit to Seattle.

And guess what friends?  They are returning with Black Stone Cherry in June!  Right back at El Corazon.  

They're currently finishing the run with Adelita's Way.  Then they hit the road with Seether.  The aforementioned run with Black Stone Cherry is up next.  And then it's back for more Seether dates.  In other words, they're touring their asses off, building up their fan base, one show at a time.

One of my top 10 albums of 2016, "Worth The Pain" is worth seeking out as is seeing Letters From The Fire live when they come to your town!  You will not be disappointed!


Special Thanks:  Mike for guesting me.  El Corazon staff for recognizing me - heh.

Photo Note: I tried to capture more of the personality of the band than just typical live shots this time around. Are they the "best" shots? Depends on who you ask. I think they show the various sides of the band members personalities live on stage.

Cameron - sorry I didn't get any shots of you that turned out - next time!

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