Friday, March 3, 2017

Blood, Lust, Death Tour Destroys Seattle! Gig Review 2/28/17

Murder Weapons
I Am Infamy
Seattle, WA
@ Studio Seven


Studio Seven played host to the current co headlining tour of Dope and Combichrist with support from September Mourning and Davey Suicide on Tuesday evening.

Anyone that reads Eclectic Arts understands that I’ve covered and interviewed September Mourning in 2016.  Any time they come to town I put it on my schedule.

The other artists I was familiar with but not necessarily genres of metal that I’m a fan of.  If I’m at a party and Dope starts playing, no problem.  However, seeing a band live where they are the priority focus, that’s a different matter.  But, I love live music and I wanted to give each band a fair shot.  So, off I went on Tuesday evening battling the Interstate 5 traffic into Seattle’s SODO district where Studio Seven is located.

The show started with two local bands:  I Am Infamy were up first.  Playing as a five piece unit, they had the difficult task of starting the show first while fans were still on their way to the club.  The band looked the part which was nice to see.  Their 30 minute set was received well by the crowd.

Murder Weapons were up next.  Also looking the part, the band performed their brand of metal for a solid 30 minute set as well. 

The first of the touring bands hit the stage next.  Davey Suicide ripped through their 30 minute set.  Full of energy and passion, the band let everyone in Studio Seven know that things just got real.  A great set up for the next band.

September Mourning set up their stage and then hit the ground running with, “Eye of The Storm”.  A few sound issues with the backing tracks before “Skin and Bones” was aired next.  For the uninitiated, September Mourning are the first trans media project combining comic books and music.  Some in the audience were definitely familiar with the band while many were new to the concept September and her Reapers bring to the world of music. 

“Stand by Me”, current single “20 Below”, and “Children of Fate” were also performed in their 30 minute set.  The band received a positive reaction from the crowd.

A brief changeover and Combichrist took the stage.  Andy LaPlegua and his live band stormed the stage.  Yes, stormed would be the right description.  Their brand of industrial type metal got Studio Seven rocking – from the first song to the last.  With their trademark duel drummers, they were a sonic and visual sight to behold.  Full of aggressive energy, the crowd ate it up as the band just commanded the stage.  One couldn’t help but be caught up in their live show. 

Dope closed out the night.  Video screens (something I haven’t seen in Studio Seven before) were a professional touch that worked well.  Edsel and company were completely professional in their look and sound.  The crowd had dissipated slightly during their set (some fans were back meeting Andy from Combichrist) but were still enthusiastic.  Dope had just played the very same venue a few months back so there may have been a saturation issue going on (in terms of how many fans came out – it was also a Tuesday night).

Their brand of metal, mixed with industrial, traditional, and other elements went over well.  There were definitely hardcore Dope fans in attendance.  A few cover tunes thrown into the set list was interesting for the newer fan to hear.  The band played a strong set that really capped off the night of six bands.

Overall – a strong and somewhat diverse night of metal at Studio Seven!


Special Thanks:  Tom for the credentials!

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