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THE NERD Taproot Theatre May 21, 2022 Eclectic Arts

The Nerd
Larry Shue

Taproot Theatre Company
Seattle, WA
Review: Saturday 5/21/22 8pm Performance

Performances run through June 18th, 2022

(Kate Jaeger, Conner Nedderson, Valerie Ryan Miller, and David Quicksall in The Nerd at Taproot Theatre Company.  Photo by Robert Wade)

“The Nerd” is the first non-holdover show for the Taproot Theatre’s 2022-2023 season. The earlier shows this season were a part of the programming for 2020 and beyond that were delayed for very known and understandable reasons.

With “The Nerd”, we get a comedy that has been around for decades now. A very quirky comedy at that. As always, I don’t like to go through much of the plot, preferring for the patron to see a performance for themselves.

The role of Rick - the guest who overstays his welcome - as played by Matthew Posner - was the highlight of the show. Matthew’s performance was a sight to behold as he sucked the audience right in with his character’s behavior, comedic delivery, and acting chops.

The rest of the cast were strong as well, something of a trademark of all of Taproot’s productions (save for one that I reviewed four years ago). I think as the cast gets more performances under their collective belts, the show will come together even better.

For all that it had going for it, I still found the show odd. Professionally delivered but it just didn’t resonate with me. There were laughs from some of the audience at my performance but overall as I looked around, there was more perplexity on peoples faces than anything so I don’t feel I was alone.

The show has its moments but overall I found it to be a specific type of humor. Unfortunately, it just didn’t match up with mine.

Perhaps you’ll feel differently after you’ve seen a performance.

“The Nerd” runs through June 18th. Tickets are available:  Here!

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