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CRADLE OF FILTH May 25, 2022 Eclectic Arts


Showbox At The Market
Seattle, WA

May 25, 2022

Nox Novacula Bandcamp

(All photos by Mark Sugiyama for Ecelctic Arts (c) 2022)

I was looking forward to finally being back covering a live concert in-person. Forced to take a break for over a month due to a health issue, arriving at the Showbox on Wednesday evening was like a breath of fresh air.

Also, in some ways, this gig was like a full circle moment for me as well. I last reviewed Cradle Of Filth in 2016, when I was new to the concert coverage portion of Eclectic Arts. To the point that I didn’t even have the gear or the knowledge to take concert photos at the time. So, to go back to the same venue to cover the same band six years later was a satisfying reminder of just how far I’ve come with my media outlet.

The band was a guest on the Danzig string of recent dates, so a headlining run was added to their schedule to make the most of their resources (touring is expensive).

As the familiar fog drifted over the stage and the backlit lights turned the Showbox into a sea of red, blue, and purple, “The Fate Of The World Is On Our Shoulders” blared over the PA as the fans went nuts.

The band turned their backs as they always do to the audience until the first notes of “Existence Is Futile” were played. At that point, Martin, Daniel, Ashok, and new (touring) members Zoe and Donny locked in and original member Dani Filth shrieked as only he could.

The circle pit went into overdrive and rarely let up (only if the music dictated so). The setlist was a nice mix of old and new. Of course the band played a few more tunes from their newest album but they also pulled out such songs as “Nocturnal Supremacy” and “Lustmord and Wargasm (The Lick Of Carnivorous Winds)” from their late 90’s output (my favorite era of the band).

Considering that both Zoe and Donny were on their first tour with Cradle Of Filth, you really couldn’t tell. Both looked and performed admirably and if there were any mistakes, I didn’t notice them.

Ashok has really turned into a showman while he plays the guitar. Constantly striking poses throughout the set, he has come a long way from his first tour with the band in 2014.

Martin is a fucking beast and I said it back in 2007 when he joined the Thornography tour. I actually said to my friend at the time “that new drummer is a beast”. His style of drumming is so much better suited to the band than his predecessor. And he absolutely does justice to the Nick Barker era material which speaks volumes about his playing.

Dani is basically a living legend in the extreme metal community at this point. The fact that I first bought “Dusk and Her Embrace” back in 1997 says a lot. At that time, I never thought the band would become as popular as they have but they have certainly earned their place. I would also add that they are a fine live band to boot. Many black metal bands back in the day were really lacking when they took the stage (compared to death, thrash, or traditional metal bands). But over time a certain group of black metal bands have become formidable live threats and Cradle Of Filth is absolutely one of them.

The band ended their 90 minute set with the perennial favorite, “Her Ghost In The Fog” from the “Midian” release.

A highly satisfying show at the Showbox. Cradle Of Filth has a few more shows left on the North American tour and a European tour is already scheduled for this coming Fall.

The show was supported by Cleveland, Ohio band Frayle. The four piece played a ritualistic brand of doom metal that went over well with the crowd. I think they could have done even better if they had been on a bill of similar type bands but even still they left a positive impression on me.

The show was opened by locals Nox Novacula who were a last minute replacement for thrashers Misfire who had to drop off the tour for a week due to the damn C****. A solid set from the goth alternative rockers. Much like Frayle, I think their brand of music would have gone over even better had they been on a bill with similar-sounding bands. But, they clearly were in touring form (since they’ve been on their own tour) and they were a great way to start the night.

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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(All photos by Mark Sugiyama for Ecelctic Arts (c) 2022)


(All photos by Mark Sugiyama for Ecelctic Arts (c) 2022)


(All photos by Mark Sugiyama for Ecelctic Arts (c) 2022)

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