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JOSEPHINE Northshore Performing Arts Center Bothell, WA 1/25/2020


A Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play

Northshore Performing Arts Center
Bothell, WA
January 25, 2020


It was great to be back at the Northshore Performing Arts Center exactly a year to the day of our first visit last year. Having indirectly help fund the construction of the building, it has some sentimental connection for Eclectic Arts.

“Josephine” was the show Saturday night and it did not disappoint. For many, like myself, they know the name Josephine Baker but little else. In my case, I knew about the infamous “banana dance” she performed in France wearing a skirt made of bananas and little else but that was about it.

Tymisha Harris portrayed Josephine Baker in the one performer show. This is a tall order for any professional as they are required to sing, dance, act, titillate, inspire, and challenge. But Ms. Harris transported the audience to the world of Josephine Baker flawlessly.

Starting from the early beginnings in the United States through the fame and fortune in France to the later years of her life, everything was covered in the show. I found myself being consistently educated about Josephine’s life while also being thoroughly entertained - a testament to how well done the show was.

Ms. Harris commanded the stage at every turn. Her singing voice matched the eras of Josephine and when she needed to belt it out, boy did she. I’ve reviewed my fair share of professional stage talent and I can’t remember the last time I was as mesmerized as I was when Ms. Harris sang.

Then mix in her dialogue to the audience, her storytelling ability was absolutely on point. She was engaging and at times was literally in the audience which added further engagement. Her acting helped the audience understand just how iconic Joesphine was and why it's important that we not forget who she was or her importance in the world of not just entertainment figures but historical figures as well.

The show was co-created, directed and produced by Michael Marinaccio. Tod Kimbro was a co-creator, playwright, and musical director. Co-created, performed, choreographed, and costume designed by Tymisha Harris.

By the end of the show, I wanted to see it again. And let’s be honest - that’s the real litmus test of any live event. Would you go back? Would you tell others about it? In the case of, “Josephine” it’s a resounding yes!

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts
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Post Show VIDEO Interview!

Thank you: John with the NPACF. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

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Special thanks: Michael and Tymisha with the play. It was a pleasure meeting you both!

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  1. Thanks Mark that’s exactly how I felt about the show.