PETER HOOK AND THE LIGHT Event Review! Seattle, WA 11/5/19

Peter Hook and The Light

Seattle, WA

(All photos - Mark Sugiyama for Eclectic Arts (c) 2019)


I was fortunate enough to cover Peter Hook and The Light the last time they played Seattle about a year and a half ago. Tonight's set was to be more New Order heavy than last time as Hooky (nickname) announced they would be playing, "Technique" and "Republic" in their entirety, followed by a third set of New Order and Joy Division classics.

The near capacity crowd was lined up on 45th street in the University District of Seattle waiting for the doors to open at 7pm. Once they did the first few dozen fans went straight to the rail to claim their spots for the night.

With no opening act, Hooky and his band The Light walked on stage at 8pm and proceeded right into, "Fine Time", the first song of the, "Technique" album and set. With David (guitar/vocals), Jack (bass/guitar/background vocals), Paul (drums), and Martin (keys), the band sounded great! Of course Hooky switched between the classic six-string and four-string basses depending on the songs. Swinging the basses low while playing many a melody on the higher register of the instrument, Hooky's classic sound was front and center as it should be.

After the first set, the band took a brief 15 minute break before returning for set two of the night. "Regret" kicked things off from the, "Republic" album and set. Eleven songs in this set kept the fans very happy.

Once the second set ended, the band took a very short break (5-10 minutes), before returning for the "encore" set if you will. Ripping into, "Warsaw", the crowd ate it up and continued to do so for every song in the third set. "Colony", "Heart and Soul", "She's Lost Control", "Ceremony", "World In Motion" (complete with guest singer), surprisingly "Blue Monday" was in the set as it has been left out of most of the shows on this U.S. tour, "Temptation", and of course set ender, "Love Will Tear Us Apart". The band walked off stage and it was around 10:45pm. They played for over two hours - just like last time they were in town. They definitely give the fans their money's worth when you see a show.

It cannot be stated enough how good the band sounded. It was especially cool seeing Hooky and Jack on tour once again. What a thrill it must be to play with your son/dad. Also, big kudos to Paul on drums as well. I remember being impressed with his playing last year and this year was no different.

The audience was made up of forty and fifty something's that wanted to hear the soundtrack to their early musical lives. But, there were also younger fans in the audience - some that came with their parents while others were there enjoying the songs from two of the most influential bands of the punk/goth/alternative/dance scene in the late 70's, 80's and 90's - Joy Division and New Order.

Hooky has been playing a wide range of vintage material ever since he and The Light started touring in 2010. It has been such a joy to hear these songs (many for the first time) live. Many thanks to Peter Hook and The Light for giving us fans the opportunity to appreciate and revel in the magnificence of these timeless songs.

Any time you come back to Seattle, I, along with all the other fans, will be there to support you!

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

Special Thanks: Jason - thank you for another opportunity!

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(All Photos - Mark Sugiyama for Eclectic Arts (c) 2019)


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