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Make It Happen - "ON YOUR FEET!" Opening Night Review! 10/23/18

On Your Feet!

The Emilio and Gloria Estefan Broadway Musical

Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA

(show runs through Sunday 10/28)

(all photos:  Matthew Murphy)


I was excited to see this show months ago when I learned it was coming to Seattle for the first time. As a fan of Gloria Estefan's music (but never having seen her perform live) this musical would be the closest thing to seeing her perform.

What I expected is basically what I got as "On Your Feet!" opened on Tuesday evening at the Paramount in Seattle. I knew the music would be fantastic (with 6 of the original Miami Sound Machine musicians in the touring band) and I expected an overload of Latin-based rhythmic dancing. The storyline of how Emilio and Gloria met, their early struggles, their crossover barriers, and the very well known near death experience (the tour bus accident) were told succinctly throughout the performance.

Christie Prades as Gloria and Ektor Rivera as Emilio carried the show with ease. Talking, acting, singing, and dancing throughout the performance, both worked well together as an onstage couple.

Christie has made the role her own since taking over many months ago for the US touring production. She at times sounds like Gloria both in speaking and singing which is uncanny. Her performance was a pleasure to witness. 


Portraying Gloria's stubborn mother, Nancy Ticotin walked the line beautifully as the misunderstood mom that later sees the light and supports her daughter. Alma Curevo stole the show in many of her scenes as Gloria's grandmother. Funny, endearing, and supportive, Alma brought the heart and humor to the show early on.

Eddie Noel as Gloria's father was a critical component to the show. Not just with the story, his condition later in life, but as a performer, Eddie made many in the audience stand up and take notice - particularly when he sang. Beautiful sounds emanating from the stage when Eddie let his voice carry throughout the Paramount.

If you are a fan of Gloria and Emilio's work, then you'll have a great time. You'll hear many of the songs that made them famous. If you're a fan of Latin based dancing, you'll have a great time. If you're not familiar with either, it's hard to say what you'll think. If you go in expecting a more traditional musical, you won't find it here. However, if you go in and want to learn about an immigrant family's journey to the U.S., their battle to make it in a biased music industry, and overcoming personal odds, you may walk away a fan. Hopefully, you do.

I for one enjoyed what I saw and heard Tuesday evening. As a fellow person of color, I could relate to some of the storyline and found it refreshing to see so many (if not all) of the cast of Latin or Spanish descent. 


The musical is timely considering what is going on in the United States right now. Regardless of which side you support - "On Your Feet!" will get you thinking and that's never a bad thing.

The show is here through Sunday the 28th. The "Conga" awaits when you see "On Your Feet!". Are you ready? Here we go …

"1, 2, 3, 4".

See you at the theatre,
Mark D. Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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Special Thanks: Julie for the credentials - as always thank you so much for the opportunity! I appreciate it!

The show runs through Sunday October 28th with great seats still available.TICKETS!



PSA: Thank you to the majority of the patrons that knew when to let loose during the show and when to be a respectful theatre audience. Unfortunately, an exception to that was in my very own row.

This really needs to stop.

When you're at home, do whatever you want. When you're at the theatre with over 2000 other guests, please be respectful of the performers and your fellow attendees. I don't care who you are, it's only courteous and polite. Thankfully it didn't keep up for the whole show otherwise I would of put a stop to it. Believe that. This is the second time I've encountered this time of behavior at a place where I honestly didn't think I would. Concerts - yeah, it's annoying and depending on the band and the venue, I know when to expect it. But at the theatre? And the Paramount no less? Of a touring production? Please people - get a clue and enjoy the show without talking or making noises (I can't believe I have to type that but I do after the Les Miserables noise experience back in June). Please.

Thank you for your consideration.


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