Friday, November 3, 2017

Hiss Spun Tour - CHELSEA WOLFE - Seattle, WA 10/30/17

Chelsea Wolfe
Youth Code

Showbox at The Market
Seattle, WA


As we close out month number ten of 2017, I have been fortunate to cover a wide array of artists this year.  The Chelsea Wolfe gig on Monday was one show I was really looking forward to.  I had never seen her live before but I was familiar with her music and her devoted following.

It seems fans from many genres and subgenres of music gravitate and respect Chelsea as an artist.  Industrial fans, neo-folk fans, extreme metal fans, alternative fans, gothic fans, etc. all were in attendance at The Showbox at The Market in Seattle.

The evening opened with Youth Code.  Sara and Ryan took the stage at 9pm and raged through a 40-minute set of EBM styled tunes.  Rarely stopping, body always in motion, Sara gave it everything she had as Ryan provided the music backdrop for Sara to spit out her passionate lyrics and melodies.

The duo was well received by the audience and got the energy level up for the headliner.  

After a 30-minute changeover, the lights dimmed and Chelsea Wolfe and her three-piece band strolled on to the stage.  Stage lights then came on and bathed the stage in red as fog drifted through the air.  Chelsea launched into; "Spun" from the newest album, "Hiss Spun", and the crowd was all eyes and ears.

Much of the new album was aired with a few songs from the back catalog such as, "Feral Love" and the first encore song, "Halfsleeper".  The show ended with haunting airing of, "Scrape" from the new album.  The set lasted about 70 minutes give or take.  But time was really not a factor in the performance - Chelsea Wolfe made an artistic statement with her show and that cannot be measure by a clock.

I was absolutely mesmerized by Chelsea's music as was the majority of the audience.  The atmosphere that she and her band created was nothing short of extraordinary Monday night.  I totally understood why she has such diehard, devoted, fans after seeing her live for the first time.

There is a dark beauty in her music, with enough variance that it never repeats itself.  I felt like I was witnessing an artist exposing her music to the public in the best possible way.  

The tour is winding down here in the US this week but if you aren't familiar with Chelsea Wolfe (or Youth Code), do yourself a favor and check out her music and make a purchase.  She's blazing her own path, which is a rarity in today's music world.

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