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Beyond Haunted - UADA Interview! 11/27/17


It is with my great pleasure that I present UADA to the readers of Eclectic Arts.  Instead of boring you all with a long introduction (I've learned from my mistakes), I will let the interview do the talking so to speak.


All photos by:  Peter Beste
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Provided by:  Jake Superchi

Eclectic Arts:  Jake - let's start with the current.  UADA just got off the road from an extensive US tour with Inquisition.  Tell us about the tour!
Jake Superchi (vocals/guitar): The tour went very well. We were very pleased to be apart of Inquisition's first US headlining tour. It was an honor for us all.

EA:  UADA have been played several festivals, many prestigious underground metal festivals as well.  How has the band managed to land slots on these festivals and more importantly how did they go?
JS: We have been very fortunate to see our debut receive so much attention. Luckily it has sparked the interest of many festivals. The reception we have received has been nothing short of amazing & we look forward to continuing our participation with these fests.

EA:  The band has been playing over a year supporting, "Devoid Of Light".  When you look back on the recording, what thoughts jump out to you now that you can distance yourself from the recording.
JS: While we are happy with how the first record came out you always look back thinking it could have been better in many ways. But because of where it has taken us, we really have to be content with it & use the learning experience to better ourselves on the next album.

EA:  This of course begs the questions - when will see the follow up album?
JS: The plan now is an early release in 2018. We will be finishing up the album by the end of the year. That is all I can say now.

EA:  UADA now has a trademark live presentation - fog, backlighting, hoods to cover identities, etc.  What, if anything, will be added to this presentation in the future?
JS: Like everything, it too will evolve but only time will tell what the future will bring.

EA:  Since you've been in the underground metal scene for decades now, what do you think of the current metal scene?
JS: I think it is stronger as it's ever been & continuing to grow & expand. People today seem more open minded & supportive to the ideology & message behind this art. We can only survive & thrive with the support of the fans & it is fortunate that to is expanding.

EA:  Let's geek out on gear for a bit - are you playing a Parker guitar?  If so, what made you choose them as your weapon of choice?  What about your amps, heads, effects, etc?
JS: Yes, I play a US Parker Fly Deluxe. I've had this guitar since the year 2001 & it has only been used a handful of times for recording. I kept it in pristine condition & in 2015 realized it was time to take this piece with me on the road. It is my prize possession. As far as the rest I can't give away my secrets.

EA:  What would the fan of UADA be surprised you listen to/have in your collection?
JS: I don't think I really have anything that would surprise others. It seems most people into this style of music also have eclectic taste.

EA:  We knew of each other's bands/projects way back in 2000 (back when I had hair HA).  What got you started in the music business?
JS: Music has always been my life, since I can remember. Getting into the business end of it was my only hope to see my passion through. As many know business can be a grotesque place with snakes around every corner waiting to take everything you've worked for. Understanding how it all works will be the saving grace to our future & no one is willing to teach it. We have to learn & work for it ourselves.

EA:  Purely for fun - who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
JS: Attila Csihar. His vocals have always been a big inspiration.

EA:  Jake - thanks for taking the time to do this interview!  The last words are for you.  What would you like to say to everyone?
JS: Thank you Mark. I'd just like to send my regards & deepest appreciation to those who support UADA. Without you all we cannot exist. Salute!

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