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EPICA and LACUNA COIL Ravage Seattle! 9/11/17


Lacuna Coil



Showbox at The Market

Seattle, WA



On the anniversary of 9/11, a package of metal rolled into Seattle that many a fan were eagerly anticipating.  Epica was coming back (having played here in November) with the equally popular Lacuna Coil from Italy, along with the melodic death metal of Insomnium and US symphonic metal horde Elantris.  Booking this at the Showbox was just the icing on the cake.

The doors opened at 7pm and the show was already underway when I finally got inside.  I caught a few songs of Elantris' set, with the last song the singer tried to get a pit going, to varying success. 

Insomnium turned everything up a notch when they stormed the stage.  The quartet ripped through their 30-minute set of melodic death metal.  The pit erupted and the band was very well received.  I was not overly familiar with their music but left a fan for sure.

After a brief changeover, the stage was set for Lacuna Coil.  It was clear that many fans in attendance were there solely for Cristina and the boys.  I saw them ten years ago at El Corazon and was looking forward to seeing how they had grown and evolved in that time.  And evolve they did.

The band has been together for 20 years now - and it shows.  They are a seasoned veteran metal act.  The energy went through the roof when they took the stage.  Playing songs from their vast catalog, the crowd couldn't get enough.  They have a book documenting the bands history in the works - most likely with a headlining tour to follow one would guess.  Their almost hour long set seemed cut short.  I believe in other cities they played at least one other song, sometimes two.  The audience clearly wanted more. 

After the lights came up and the stage was changed over in twenty minutes, it was time for the headliner.

Epica are more than a symphonic metal act.  The fans know this but for the newcomer you really need to listen to their catalog to understand they have many different influences in their music.  The six piece hit the stage and sounded amazing.  A very grandiose soundscape, with Simone's soaring vocals, and the grit of the guitars made for a fantastic audio experience.  Their ninety minute set seemed to fly by.

It's always interesting to see which bands in this genre have pits or walls of death and which ones don't.  Epica definitely get the pit going and many fans look forward to that aspect of seeing the band live.  

This tour was one of those where the fans really got their money's worth.  Quality bands, in a great venue, made for an excellent night of music!



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