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Until Next Time - EVER SO ANDROID Gig Report! Seattle, WA 9/2/16

Ever So Android
w/Hobosexual, Wild Powwers, and Sundries
Seattle, WA
September 2, 2016

(Ever So Android)

The local music scene here in Seattle was very hit or miss for Eclectic Arts when we first started out back in 2011.  I've always been a supporter of up and coming artists - from demo tapes on up.  I still have a shelf full of tapes and Cdr's from around the world that I cherish.  It doesn't matter what the production sounds like to me - if I can hear the potential in a band, that's all that matters.

I had received numerous Cdr's, Cd's, and tapes, among other things from many local artists - hoping to be reviewed in EA over the last five years.  Most were rather generic, some were quite honestly horrible, while a few stood out amongst the pretenders.  EA has done reviews and/or features on Tobias The Owl (under his former stage name), Arakus, The Ram Rams, Last Bastion, and a few others.

Fast forward to 2016.  I've seen a ton of local bands opening up for touring acts this year.  I've been pleasantly surprised by many.  There's a diverse array of talent here in Seattle and it's a great thing to see.  There are a few local artists I have heard of but never found the time to check out (but wanted to).

Ever So Android fit the bill.  A (former) duo that now performs as a trio (and at one point were a four piece), I knew of ESA but, again, had not taken the time to investigate what the buzz was about this band.  Friday night that all changed as I went to Neumo's to finally see what they were about.

(taken from social media)

I thought the show started at 9pm so by the time my guests and I arrived we only got to hear a song and a half of Sundries.  This is too bad as I liked what I heard from the band.  I'll have to check them out on another bill soon.


Wild Powwers was up next.  A trio performing a mix of indie based rock with other influences, they were very unique sounding and went over well with the crowd.  Another local band I would like to see more from.

(Wild Powwers)

The duo known as Hobosexual took the stage next.  Wow - this band got the energy up and definitely had their own following at the show.  Such a full sound from two guys bashing it up there on the stage, Hobosexual made an impression.  A mix of heavy guitar riffs reminiscent of early grunge inspired type work mixed in with a blues background, the songs were at times jam oriented but with that heavy accent at all times.  A good deal of feedback and fuzz when appropriate, the duo really let loose and the crowd was way into it.  Hobosexual are a band to watch for in the future.


Ever So Android took the darkly lit stage at Neumos, in support of their brand new EP release, "The Civil", the trio are just magically intense on stage.  Hope Simpson (vocals), Drew Murray (guitars and programming), and Ben Hilzinger (drums) create such an aura of power with their music that you can't help but be mesmerized by what you're hearing and seeing on stage.

It's hard to describe ESA's music as their influences are wide and scattered.  Hope's vocals have a depth of soul to them but add in a layer of punk infused attitude with rock power and alternative styling, and you get a glimmer of what I mean.  Throw in the backbone of Drew's guitar riffs and eccentric programming, along with Ben's drums crashing the party, and you have this wild mix of alternative electronic rock punk hybrid sounding music.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that ESA are fucking original!  

Playing a mix of new songs with a few older tunes, the fans that have been supporting ESA at all the local club shows around town got to see their favorite band perform at a high level before the next chapter begins.

I never would have guessed this was a local band.  Hope has a wild stage presence that is unique to herself.  I can see her inspiring legions of up and coming musicians that will cite her as an influence when their own bands get off the ground.  She is a passionate performer that rarely stands still, she will be the face of the band as they rise to the top.

Drew is equally unique in his music prowess.  For lack of a better comparison, he reminds me of Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) - he's Dave to Hope's Annie Lennox, but in a more extreme way, of course.  Musically I heard tidbits of NIN, hip hop, doom in the guitar riffs, and even smatterings of U2 in terms of the musical cacophony that happened in places.  Again, a unique sound and that's damn hard to do these days.

I was fortunate enough to be guested for this show (thank you to Drew, Hope, and Ben).  Drew had mentioned that they were slammed as they were getting ready to move.  I thought that meant moving locally.  Nope.

After their set, and after buying a CD and shirt, I got a few words with Hope.  This is the band's last show this year in Seattle as they are headed south to LA.  As she said, it's time.  They're heading to LA to stake their claim in the music world.  Based on what I heard and saw on Friday, they have everything in place to take ESA to the next level.  

I wish them every success in the world and look forward to seeing them climb the musical ladder on their own terms.  

And when they make their triumphant return to Seattle next year, make sure you are there EA readers. You'll be witness to one of the best bands to come out of this area in ages.


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