Thursday, November 15, 2018

No Sleep Until Seattle - MAIAH WYNNE Event Review! 11/13/18

Maiah Wynne

Fremont Abbey Arts Center
Seattle, WA


I've been incredibly fortunate to cover a wide range of artists this year. Musicians, actors, dancers, and brew masters just to name a few categories. I am always grateful for the opportunity to get to know these artists better through interviews, reviews, and photography.

There have been a few artists over the years that have struck a deeper chord than the majority of artists that I cover. Artists such as Vienna Teng, Delain, and most recently AL1CE have kept me up at night after interacting with them in some way. I find myself inspired, which in turn sends my mind spinning in a million different directions.

I can now add Maiah Wynne to this list of wildly inspirational artists.

Maiah performed last night as a part of an ongoing series at the Fremont Abbey Arts called In The Round. Musicians, poets, and painters all work together throughout the event to bring forth a cross platform of artistic expression.

Each of the three musical artists performed a song with a spoken word poetry reading after which the format was then repeated. The musical artists played a total of 5 songs each.

This was my first time seeing Maiah perform. Backed by three musicians (percussion, cello, and guitar), Maiah's songs stood out. Switching between acoustic guitar, dulcimer, and ukulele, along with a kick drum, Maiah's ethereal vocals transported the listener to another world, her world. Writing lyrics from personal experience, songs such as, "Mama" and the latest single, "Sleep", transformed the Fremont Abbey Arts room into a very quiet and expressive space.

There is a vulnerability to the music that Maiah presents to her audience that is about as raw as you can get. I've seen and heard dozens of singer songwriters live - two of which were sharing the stage with Maiah Tuesday night. Original music is always a form of self-expression - I would never knock an artist for their music, as it is what they are expressing to the audience. But Maiah's music transcends the mundane. It goes above the "that song sounds good" level. I can hear the potential for her to become a future songstress that others will be imitating. She's that good.

Long time readers of Eclectic Arts (we started in 2011) know I rarely get behind an artist unless I truly, truly, believe in them. Tobias The Owl comes to mind. AL1CE comes to mind as well. Well folks - get on board - Maiah Wynne deserves and demands your attention.

The show Tuesday evening was a great introduction to the musical magic that is Maiah Wynne. I am looking forward to seeing her perform in a more traditional concert format very soon.

Thank you Maiah for introducing me to your inspirational world. I can't wait to see what other sights and sounds you have to show me!

All the best,
Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts

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Special Thanks: Maiah for making this happen - I sincerely appreciate the opportunity!

Video Interview

("Sleep" Live)

(Sienna Dawn- Painter)

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