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Happiness Is In Seattle - THE WIND AND THE WAVE Gig Review! Seattle, WA 4/2/17

The Wind and The Wave
Haley Johnsen
Allison Pierce
@ Tractor Tavern
Seattle, WA
April 2, 2017
We had another week of amazing music coverage here at Eclectic Arts.  In true EA fashion, we went from the mosh pit of the Decibel Tour w/Kreator and Obituary to the one of a kind event of Diamanda Galas to Sunday night's gig:  The Wind and The Wave!
The Austin, TX duo of Patty and Dwight (along with Nick and Scott) are out on the road on a headlining run to promote their latest album, "Happiness Is Not A Place", their sophomore effort.  I was really looking forward to hearing the band, as this would be my first time seeing them live. 
Opening the night was Allison Pierce - a (now) LA based singer/songwriter.  Formerly of The Pierces (with her sister), Allison took the stage and played a 30 minute-ish set of music.  Accompanied by Matt on guitar(s), Allison played tunes from her forthcoming Sony Masterworks release, "Year of The Rabbit". 
The crowd immediately moved to the front of the stage once Allison started her set at 8pm.  Introspective songs were the order of the day.  Allison was well received and showed she's not a newcomer to the stage.  A very pleasant way to start the evening.
Next up was Portland's own Haley Johnsen.  Known by some for her American Idol appearance, Haley performed solo, using percussion on or with her feet for some songs.  Anyone that was there would say the same thing - her voice was just amazing.  There was such a beautiful sound emanating from the stage as Haley performed her original songs (only one cover - a great rendition of Heart's "Crazy On You").  Her soulful voice cut through the Tractor and mesmerized the audience.  A memorable set.  I would love to hear Haley and Allison sing a song together - their voices are very different but I think they could work well together. 
After a brief changeover, the lights went down and The Wind and The Wave took the stage.  Starting off with, "My Mind is an Endless Sea", the foursome locked in and were off and running.  Playing a mix of songs from both albums, "From The Wreckage" and "Happiness Is Not A Place", the band sounded extremely tight. 
When you are performing your songs in every format (acoustic duo, trio, full band, etc), and you have previous experience in other bands (and Dwight's production skills), it's going to show on stage.  From Patty's emotive delivery of heartfelt lyrics to Dwight's guitar playing and harmonizing vocals, backed by Scott's guitar work and Nick's drumming, The Wind and The Wave played like seasoned professionals.
There was plenty of levity during the performance, particularly when there was a technical issue with the power which prompted Dwight to start up an acoustic song, whether Patty was ready to or not.  This will explain the "full bird" photos of Patty flipping off Dwight and others.
You could definitely tell how well Patty and Dwight know each other.  Their energy together reflected a songwriting duo, friends, that have been through a hell of a lot of shit together.  Patty gives off an aura of an individual that has many layers to her personality.  You feel like she's telling you the story of her life through the songs - bruises and all.  There is an inner strength to her as well that makes for an interesting combination. 
Dwight seems like a guy that has also been around the block in the music world.  All the ups and downs, there is no bullshit with him either.  Grateful for the success the band has received thus far, you can tell this didn't just happen overnight.  It was all the years of playing in other bands, honing the songwriting craft, learning and improving the production skill set, he is a perfect compliment to what Patty brings to the table.
The crowd was way into the band Sunday night.  All members received chants - all four of them.  I saw this happen one other time at the Tractor when Ladyhawk played there last summer.  Perhaps it's a Ballard thing?  I don't know but it was awesome.
The band finished the night with the remix version of "Ignition" from their covers release.  After much applause, the house music came on and the gig was over.  Patty and Dwight stayed at the merch table to meet any and all that wanted a moment of their time.  I was fortunate enough to get Nick's set list from Nick, and then had the band sign it (see below).
Such a talented duo and band, The Wind and The Wave did not disappoint.  They deserve every bit of success they have coming to them.  Thank you for sharing your art with us in Ballard/Seattle.     
Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts
Special Thanks:  Morgan and Warren for the credentials.  Patty, Dwight, Scott, and Nick for the inspiring set.  Haley and Allison for the quality sets of music as well. 

(All Photos in Low Resolution)


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