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LORDS OF ACID Pretty In Kink Tour Event Review! Seattle, WA 2/27/19

Lords Of Acid

Showbox SoDo
Seattle, WA


After covering a blistering death metal show the night before, I was looking forward to covering (and seeing) the Lords Of Acid for the very first time.

The Lords have been around since the late 80's and they released their new album last year, "Pretty In Kink" (thus the name of this tour).

Mastermind Praga Khan - along with Marieke Bresseleers (vocals), Sin Quirin (guitar), DieTrich Thrall (bass), and Galen Waling (drums) - showed that they are just as relevant as ever in the acid music world and beyond!

The crowd at the Showbox SoDo was chomping at the bit for the Lords Of Acid set to start. The band was here previously in October 2017 so it has been a year and a half or so since their last Seattle visit.

Starting off with, "Sex Bomb", the energy went from zero to one hundred and there was no looking back. The set was peppered with both new and old songs ranging from "Worship The Lords" to "Voodoo U" to "I Sit On Acid" to "The Crablouse".

The set was high energy, fun; full of sexual references (a staple of the band), and the current band was top notch all the way around - no weak links at all. They sounded superb! Praise The Lords!


The tour has four other artists on it - expertly put together I might add. Gabriel and The Apocalypse, Little Miss Nasty, Genitorturers, and Orgy.

Gabriel and The Apocalypse opened the show. The six-piece gave it every thing they had. High energy throughout their set and their cover of, "Beds Are Burning" is still stuck in my head.

Little Miss Nasty joined the tour in Portland the night before. The modern rock n' roll burlesque troupe is based out of LA (with a show in Vegas as well). They performed two distinct sets during the night. The quartet of dancers were tightly choreographed and rehearsed. The titillation factor may put off some attendees but I've covered enough dance events now to recognize the talent and hard work behind their routines. The naïve would look at them and think they're just TnA but that would be such a disservice to the talent it actually takes to perform like they did. Ever met someone that said they loved to dance then you watch them and you're like, oh wow (in a bad way). There's absolutely nothing wrong with dancing for fun on a Saturday night but professional dancing is a different beast. Professional dancing is a life long commitment of training, rehearsals, classes, and disciplines. Don't let the pasties, thongs, and zero fucks given attitude fool you - Little Miss Nasty are one troupe of talented dancers.

They performed here in December of 2017 at El Corazon (a show I couldn't cover as I was committed to a different show that same night). I would love to see them come back to Seattle for a full show again.

The Genitorturers were another perfect addition to this sex themed bill. Gen and the band have been bringing their brand of industrial, metal, punk music to the underground for decades now. Their show is always visually enticing and sexually explosive. The mix of the music and the stage show was perfect. When you've been doing it as long as they have, you know you're in for a fucking great time. If you weren't entertained by their set, there really isn't any hope for you.

Orgy had their fans in attendance for sure and they did everything they could to get the crowd to a fever pitch just in time to hand them off to the Lords Of Acid to seal the deal. Even with a boot on his foot and a knee brace, singer Jay got off the stage and sang their last song amongst the fans in the audience to really crank things up a notch or three.


Overall, this bill was just a great night of fun! The conservative fan or the sexually repressed would probably have fits at this show but who gives a shit. The rest of us had a fucking blast! Catch the tour as it goes through the majority of March here in the U.S.!

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts
EA on YT

Special Thanks: Tom for the credentials - as always thank you so much for the opportunity!

Lord Of Acid



Little Miss Nasty

Gabriel and The Apocalypse

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