PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT - Live In Seattle! 5/10/18

Peter Hook & The Light

Neptune Theater
Seattle, WA


"Substance" - both albums by Joy Division and New Order - performed live by original bassist Peter Hook and his band The Light. Say no more - I'm in!

Thursday night at the Neptune was a chance for some to relive the glory days of both bands music from the late 70's and 80's while for others it was a chance to see and hear the music live for the very first time.

Young and old alike sang, danced, and had a ripping good time as Peter Hook and The Light played nearly a 2 1/2 hour long show. The first set being the New Order album, with a short 10-minute break, and then the second set being the Joy Division album.

The band sounded great! The more danceable New Order tracks getting the energy up while the Joy Division tracks reminded everyone in attendance just how good those songs were (and still are).

Peter has been playing various albums and songs from over the years on each tour - changing it up when it seems time to do so.

As I left the Neptune after the show, I couldn't help but wonder - where are the bands of today that are as influential as Joy Division and New Order? The genres both bands helped establish - who's carrying the flame into the future?

Mark Sugiyama
Eclectic Arts
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Special Thanks: Jason for the credentials - thank you for the opportunity!


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