Thursday, May 22, 2014

Greetings and salutations to one and all!

On this Memorial Day weekend eve, the familiar feelings of horror and dread are once upon the Eclectic Arts staff - CRYPTICON SEATTLE starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday the 25th!

This will be our 3rd year straight of covering the convention.  For those in the know, I was concussed my first year of covering the convention (and frankly wasn't supposed to be there in attendance).  I'm still rather amazed that I still did 1-1 interviews and didn't sound like a complete ass.

Last year was my second year - and it was also my introduction to "Compound Fracture".

This year we'll see what awaits.  Some of the best things have been learning more about guests that I'm not overly familiar with as well as seeing some familiar faces amongst the Crypticon horde.

But wait there's more!

Readers of this poorly kept blog know that last year around the same time I did an interview with Charlotte Wessels from DELAIN.  This was to promote their first US tour last year.

Well, this coming Tuesday, I will be interviewing her again - to promote their return to these shores!  Their new album, "The Human Contradiction" is already out and arguably their best album to date.  This is one of those bands that is gaining traction stateside.  Catch 'em on their way up the popularity ladder now!

And guess what readers?  I have set aside a whole MONTH to work on the magazine.  No more excuses - time to get to work!


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