COLDER THAN HERE As If Theatre Company Kenmore, WA March 14 - March 30, 2024

By Laura Wade
Directed by Cindy Giese French

As If Theatre Company
Kenmore Community Club
Kenmore, WA

March 17, 2024 - 5pm Performance Review

(Colder Than Here - Photo of Amy Gentry by Cindy Giese French)

This year has been a year of intentional decision-making for Eclectic Arts Media. I have had to cut back on my overall coverage across the board (this actually started last year) in order to accommodate other responsibilities in my life. Evening events are something I hand pick these days, particularly those that fall on Wednesday through Sunday evenings.

I almost missed the last As If Theatre production last October (I literally saw the last performance closing night) and so I knew I wanted to make it to this new show if my schedule would allow.

We all have to make decisions in life on a daily basis. When it comes to loved ones and their futures, it can arguably be the most stressful decision we have to make.

“Colder Than Here” tackles the difficult subject of losing a family member to terminal illness, the effects it has on all of the family members (in this case two daughters and a husband), and how they navigate their future without their matriarch.

As always I tend to leave the plot details to the show meaning I would rather you, the reader, go see the show and take it all in as fresh as possible without being influenced by anything I write in this review.

As If Theatre has been consistently putting on great plays since their inception in 2019. The level of quality has been high and it is one of the rarest feats for a theatre company to accomplish in my eyes. “Colder Than Here” is no exception.

The cast of Josephine Cessna (Jenna), Katie Dreessen (Harriet), Amy Gentry (Myra), and Bradley Goodwill (Alec) tackle the subject matter with believability, subtle humor (the play takes place in the UK after all), and painstaking emotion.

The dynamics of the family structure and the various perspectives that bump heads with each other were expertly handled by the cast throughout the play. At times, it felt like you were watching a real family in front of you and that has to be one of the highest compliments I can give the cast.

“Colder Than Here” will move you for sure and depending on your own life experiences, it may even be a bit triggering so be prepared. But, once the play is over, you’ll have witnessed another powerful piece of theatre from the As If Theatre team.


There are upcoming performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s at 7:30pm and Sundays at 5pm through March 30th. Purchase tickets:  HERE!

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Eclectic Arts Media

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